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2fai7kw.pngGENERAL RATES

Br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.jpg Exp/SP: x25
etc_adena_i00.png Adena: x10
skill0332.png Drop: x10
skill0254.png Spoil: x10
bBQPRxm.jpg Quest Drop: x3
Etc_quest_account_reward_i00_0.jpg Quest Reward: x3/x4
etc_reaper_i00.png Manor: x1
skill4111.png Raid Boss Drop: x2
skill4109.png Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1
sfnPVJj.jpg Safe Enchant: +3
aeOOM0X.jpg Max Enchant: +16
Giant_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_0.jpg Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 56%
etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05.png Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60%


SkF6lnm.jpg Server Platform: Official PTS Files
SkF6lnm.jpg Maximum Clients per PC: 3
skill1499.png 1Hour duration on all buffs, dances, songs, prophecies.
skill1499.png Retail Buff Time on summon buffs.
etc_add_buffslot_i03.png Buff slots: 20(+4 Divine Inspiration) 
skill0534.png Skills are auto learn.
skill0150.png Automatic loot for monsters.
9CDXSll.jpg Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses.
human.png 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC.
elemental.png Sub-Class Quest is not necessary.
etc_reagent_blue_i00.png Mana Potions: 800 MP Restoration with 10 seconds cooldown.
skill0758.png 20-Level Player Gap System has been disabled.
skill1056.png Cancel removes 0-3 buffs randomly.

etc_question_mark_i00.png Boosted Quest Rates x2 x3

The Finest Food Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints)
Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2  Supplier of Reagents
War with Ketra Orcs War with Varka Silenos
Relics of the Old Empire, Gather The Flames Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 Halisha's marks
Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 2 Legacy of Insolence 
In Search of Fragments of Dimension An Ice Merchant's Dream
Protect the Water Source Delicious top Choice Meat
Seekers of the Holy Grail Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe 
The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest) Clean up the Swamp of Screams
A Powerful Primeval Creature  


Attention, The Quest is not Required!
Attention, You are not Required to hit raid bosses just talk to the chest that appears after death the raid is enough to get the item.

In order to get the Subclass Status you will need:
- The 4 Scepters (Cabrio, Golkonda, Hallate, Kernon)
- 25,000,000 Adena
- Minimum Char Level: 75+

Note: Scepters are not tradeable/soldable, you can only delete them.
Note: The required NPC for getting subclass is located into Giran.

accessory_noblesse_tiara_i00.png NOBLESS SYSTEM & OLYMPIAD

In order to get Nobless Status, you will need to be subclassed already and complete the 4-Part Quest.

Olympiad Season last for 7 Days.
Heroes will be nominated every Sunday night


skill4416_human.png Custom NPC

Global Gatekeeper

By using this npc, you can teleport all over the world for free! 
GM Shop

Here you can find all consumables/potions/scrolls/gear up to B-Grade! 
Buffer NPC

You can get your buffs or create your custom scheme in order to save time every time you buff up yourself! 


Orfen (Lvl 80)

48Hours Respawn - Random: 30min



Core (Lvl 80)

48Hours Respawn - Random: 30min



Ant Queen (Lvl 80)

24Hours Respawn - Random: 30min



Zaken (Lvl 80)

50Hours Respawn - Random: 30min



Frintezza (Lvl 80)

48Hours Respawn - Random: 30min
Baium (Lvl 80)

120Hours Respawn - Random: 30min
Antharas (Lvl 80)

192Hours Respawn - Random: 30min
Valakas (Lvl 80)

264Hours Respawn - Random: 30min

Note: Baium/Antharas/Valakas/Frintezza HP has been reduced by 50%.
Note: Core/Orfen/Zaken/Ant Queen HP has been increased by 150%.

Subclass/Nobless Raidbosses:
etc_imperial_scepter_i00.pngDeath Lord Hallate (Lvl 80): 8 Hours +- 30 minutes Hour etc_imperial_scepter_i02.pngKernon (Lvl 80):  8 Hours +- 30 minutes etc_imperial_scepter_i01.pngLonghorn Golkonda (Lvl 80):  8 Hours +- 30 minutes
etc_bead_white_i00.pngDeath Lord Cabrio (Lvl 80):  8 Hours +- 30 minutes weapon_sprites_staff_i00.pngFlame Of Splendor Barakiel (Lvl 80):  8 Hours +- 30 minutes  

Alliance Raidbosses:
etc_barka_badge_grunt_i00.pngKetra's Hero Hekaton (Lvl 80): 12 Hours +- 30 Minutes  etc_barka_badge_captin_i01.pngKetra's Commander Tayr (Lvl 80): 12 Hours +- 30 Minutes  etc_barka_badge_officer_i02.pngKetra's Chief Brakki (Lvl 80): 12 Hours +- 30 Minutes 
etc_ketra_badge_grunt_i00.pngVarka's Hero Shadith (Lvl 80): 12 Hours +- 30 Minutes  etc_ketra_badge_captn_i01.pngVarka's Commander Mos (Lvl 80): 12 Hours +- 30 Minutes  etc_ketra_badge_officer_i02.pngVarka's Chief Horus (Lvl 80):12 Hours +- 30 Minutes 


etc_ssq_scroll_i00.png SEVEN SIGNS & MAMMONS

Seven Signs Have been Opened since start of the server. You can exchange your seal stones on GM Shop.

etc_mineral_unique_i03.png AUGMENTATION SYSTEM

Skill Gain Possibilities depending on Life Stone:

etc_mineral_general_i00.pngNo-Grade Life Stone: 1%
etc_mineral_special_i00.pngMid-Grade Life Stone: 2%
etc_mineral_rare_i02.pngHigh-Grade Life Stone: 5%
etc_mineral_unique_i03.pngTop-Grade Life Stone: 7%

Note: All Tyrannosaurus have 10% drop rate of Top LS 76 and High LS.

skill0013.png CASTLE SIEGES

Giran Castle
Every Week:
Friday: ?? GMT+2
Aden Castle
Every Week:
Saturday: ?? GMT+2
Goddard Castle
Every Week:
Sunday: ?? GMT+2
Rune Castle
Every Week:
Monday: ?? GMT+2

etc_scroll_of_return_castle_i01.pngInside Every Castle exists a NPC Buffer & Global Gatekeeper


Clan Level Up Requirments:
skill0390.pngClan Level 1: 20,000 SP & 650,000 Adena 
skill0390.pngClan Level 2: 100,000 SP & 2,500,000 Adena
skill0390.pngClan Level 3: 350,000 SP & Proof of Blood
skill0390.pngClan Level 4: 1,000,000 SP & Alliance Manifesto
skill0390.pngClan Level 5: 2,500,000 SP & Seal of Aspiration
skill0390.pngClan Level 6: 7,500 Rep. Points & 30 Clan Members
skill0390.pngClan Level 7: 15,000 Rep. Points & 80 Clan Members
skill0390.pngClan Level 8: 30,000 Rep. Points & 120 Clan Members
Alliance Rules:
etc_paper_white_i00.pngMax Clan Per Alliance: 2 (Anti-Zerg Rule)


skill0406.pngEvery Raidboss Reputation Point Bonus has been increased by 50%
etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i01.pngInside Every Clan Hall exists an Advanced Buff System (You need to buy it with the usual way) & a Warehouse Manager
etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i01.pngYour clan need to be at least 5 Level in order to participate into Clan Hall Auction System
etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i01.pngClan Hall Auction & Renting prices have been increased by 80%

event_halloween_king_pumpkini00.png AUTOMATIC EVENTS EVERY 2 HOURS

teamvsteam.jpg Team Vs Team
The most known event of all times, 2 Teams, Random Pick from Server Engine.
Participation: 65+Lvl, All Classes, Max 80 Players
Limitations: 1 Player Per PC
Event Time: 5min Registration / 15min Fight
Respawn Time: Instant
Winner: The team which will have the most kills
Prize: Event Medal per player, winning team

korean.jpg Korean Style
An event which comes from the past times of Korea! Participants will be divorced into 2 teams, and then (by turn) will play 1vs1 PvP's. The team who will kill everyone on the oposite team will win the event!
Participation: 65+Lvl, Support Classes are Forbidden, Max 80 Players
Limitations: 1 Player Per PC
Event Time: 5min Registration / No-Limit on Fights
Respawn Time: No Death Respawn
Winner: The team which will kill all the opponents
Prize: Event Medal per player, winning team

skill5239.pngDuring the day will be handled 12 Events! 1 Event per 2 hours! Stay online and tuned for the Announcement in order to participate
etc_trophy_i01.pngThe System picks automatically who will play and who won't!

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